News from our Project / New articles

We are happy to announce not only one, but two new contributions to our website.

Das Einhorn und die Alchemie: Kristofer Schliephake explores the mythical unicorn and its depiction, as well as its meaning in an alchemical context, especially referring to the late medieval emblem book Lambspring. A ferocious beast, a symbol for quicksilver, a religious allegory, and a gentle, elusive creature with healing properties: Historically, the unicorn proves to have many different facets, which this article elaborates on.

Keramik: rustiques figulines des Bernard Palissy: Philipp Hones and Jennifer Matschey take a closer look at the abundance of small creatures populating a ceramic plate of French artist Bernard Palissy (1510-1590). By molding the animals directly from nature, the artist undertakes the process of creation in its truest sense – the article explores Palissy’s stand in the discourse of mimesis and imitatio, and how his work ties into the alchemical worldview.