Please note: The opening of the exhibition has been postponed to the beginning of 2021 (due to corona).

News: In the virtual exhibition room VI Material Culture of Alchemy the connection between material or practical and philosophical alchemy will be explained. The most modern digital teaching methods will be used – especially the Digital Story to explain the iconography of a painting. In order to give an introduction to the material culture of practical alchemy by means of a contemporary representation, we have chosen the painting by David Teniers the Younger The Alchemist (1643/45) from the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig. Samuel Fickinger first annotated the painting with segments of text and then transferred them into a digital story using the editor Storiiiesdeveloped by Cogapp. The Storiiies editor works in the background with the new image standard IIIF. 

An online workshop developed by the Städel Cooperative Professorship shows how to begin creating a digital story and how it can ultimately be technically implemented. This online offer from the Städel Cooperative Professorship at the Art History Institute of the Goethe University (Samuel Fickinger and Leslie Zimmermann with the support of Prof. Dr. Jochen Sander) is available free of charge to all interested parties and takes users by the hand every step of the way towards creating their own digital story. See https://leszimmermann.github.io/digitales-storytelling/