First master’s thesis online

The master’s thesis Das Buch Lambspring. Ein alchemisches Emblembuch von der illuminierten Handschrift bis zum Druck by Katja Lehnert (2019) is now freely accessible on our platform in a slightly revised version! The study opens the series of publications of more substantial works in the Merian project.

In her master’s thesis, Katja Lehnert investigates the connections between Matthäus Merian’s fifteen engravings for the first illustrated print edition of the alchemical emblem book Lambspring (published in the anthologies Dyas chymica tripartita and Musaeum hermeticum, 1625) and the illustrations of various 16th and early 17th century Lambspring-manuscripts. Several emblems are discussed in detail, pointing out similarities and differences between the manuscripts and outlining Merian’s process of adapting the sources to printable engravings. Merian demonstrates his technical and alchemical knowledge by not simply copying the manuscripts’ illustrations, but by modifying or adding elements, according to the standards of contemporary book illustrations.